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Building an Empire How your work is corrupting society Ecc 3:16-4:6

1. Work Was Created to give us Understanding a. God designed work with a specific purpose b. Work existed before the fall, it was made more difficult for a reason c. Sin has perverted the system and fruit of work d. Work reveals the truth of what a person wants in their heart What does your work reveal about you?

2. The Fruit Work Produces Generates More Fruit a.Good fruit requires great care and attention b. Bad fruit naturally grows in today’s world c. Signs of true faith are “Fruitful Multiplication” How are your fruits multiplying?

3. Quiet Enjoyment is a Requirement for Valuable Work a. God designed work to be interrupted by contented rest b. Christian contentment is a sign of a regenerate heart c. Comparison with others is a sign of an unrepentant heart d. Envy is not limited to material things What do you need to change to quietly enjoy your work more?

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